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Sue Boswell

Meet Sue Boswell, co-owner and Project Manger at Squared Away, your estate clean out service team.  Sue earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Stonehill College and her Masters in Education from UMASS Lowell.  She is currently completing a "Launch Your Business" certificate program through Middlesex Community College where she worked before starting a family.  Sue has worked as a project manager years in student travel as well as many other positions.  She is an avid volunteer and go-to person in Pepperell. With her kids off at college, she is ready for a new adventure.

In recent years she has seen and helped many friends as they go through the experience and stress of clearing out their childhood homes.  The list of tasks needed to get the job done, while daunting for the person going through it, was right up Sue's alley:  sorting, packing, selling, donating and disposing of personal property. 

After helping a friend clear out her mom's home, and then telling the same friend about helping a neighbor, Mara said, why don't you do this as a job? 

Excited at this prospect, Sue started the process of setting up a business in hopes of lifting the burden faced by others who had to clear out a house as parents downsized, moved to assisted living or prepared to sell a childhood home. 

Sue is a referral Realtor and can connect you with a trusted realtor to buy or sell a home for clients. She is also a notary so can assist with notarizing paperwork as needed.


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⇻House Clean-Out & Move Project Manager

Rayeanne Gentry

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⇻House Clean-Out & Move Project Manager

Meet Rayeanne Gentry, Co-Owner and Project Manager at Squared Away, your estate clean out service team.  Rayeanne took classes at Johnson and Wales and has run her own Consignment Thrift Shop.  She works full time at Greater Lowell Technical High School.  Rayeanne has experience cleaning out her own childhood home while balancing family, work and transitioning her mom into assisted care.  She knows the stress and weight of this aging stage.

Rayeanne and Sue are establishing themselves in their service area.  They strive to get to know the client, learn what they need and why they need it, and to present a project management proposal to meet their unique needs.  The proposal can be added to or downsized to meet the clients' needs and budget, keeping transparency in pricing, People become clients for a variety of reasons and challenges.  Sometimes family members live too far away to manage the estate clean out, sometimes they just don't know where to start or simply don't have the time.  Our goal is to be a trusted ally who will manage the move, a general contractor for all tasks involved in clearing out and transitioning a home.


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