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Our Services

Designed to fit your situation

We are committed to offering services at the best value possible. We can organize and host an estate sale, we can clean out your house; we can combine them.  If you just need a decluttering, we can do that too!  We’re constantly learning and growing, so if you don't see what you think you need, just ask.  We are ready to help.

Downsize and Declutter

We work with you to downsize what you have in your home whether in preparation for a future move, or to just live more simply staying where you are.

Empty House/House Clean-Out

We strive to eco-empty your home keeping as much out of the landfills as possible through channels including estate sales, donations and posting on marketplace before filling a dumpster.

Ready House For Sale

We can stage your house for showing using items in your home.  We will declutter throughout the house, pack up personal items, freshen up the rooms, remove no longer needed items and get your house ready for photos!

Estate Sale and Empty

From start to finish.  We will sort and market everything in the house that you are ready to have re-homed.  We will set up the sale in a tasteful, organized manner to best sell items.  The sale is hosted on a mutually agreed upon date/dates and is advertised on social media as well as  After the sale, we will empty the house through agreed upon rehoming prioritizing donations and minimizing items to landfill.

PreSort for You Home or Estate

Have to clean out your house or a family or friends home?  Not sure how to do it with everyone living out of state?  don't know where to start?  Let us help.  We will empty every closet, drawer, shelf, cubby and sort into categories while you relax at home.  When we are done pre-sorting, you and yours arrive to "shop the home" determining what items you wish to keep, give to someone, preserve and leaving the rest for us to either host an estate sale or re-home through donations to leave you with a cleaned-out house.

Estate Sale

We fully manage, organize and host and Estate Sale for you.

Sort like you're Moving, but your not

Ready to get rid of stuff because you might move some day, but not today?  this is the service for you.  We work with you to sort through your linens, books, shoes, clothing, artwork, furniture, decorative items to free up space in your house so you can live more simply.

Our Services: Inventory
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